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Movies, games, music – we ask Wi-Fi to handle a lot. Meet OnHub, the router from Google that's built for fast Wi-Fi on all your devices.

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Better connectivity meets forward-looking features.

Whether you simply want fast, reliable Wi-Fi you never need to worry about, or want to manage every aspect of your home network, OnHub gives you the capabilities you’re looking for in a sleek design. Plus, it automatically updates to ensure it always feels new.

Features you’ll love.

Designed with you in mind

The Google Wifi app makes it easy to set up and manage OnHub from your iPhone or Android device. You can adjust settings, test connections, prioritize devices, and troubleshoot network issues even when you’re on the go. And with the ability to assign guest managers, you can give and receive network help from friends and family, no matter where they are.


More antennas, better coverage

While most routers only have two antennas, OnHub from TP-LINK comes equipped with 13. They’re set in a unique circular pattern that extends optimal Wi-Fi coverage across multiple directions throughout your home. That means you’ll benefit from faster, more stable connections in the house.

Smart lighting in any room

OnHub now syncs with Philips Hue, the leading dynamic home lighting system. This new feature allows you to change your Philips Hue lights using your wireless network, and control your lighting from any computer, tablet, or mobile device without downloading an app. Type On.Here in any browser to get started.


Express yourself with emoji

Tired of having to use a boring name for your network? With OnHub, you can now express yourself and your household’s creativity by using emoji in your network name. Just go to the Settings menu in your Google Wifi app, select “Hardware,” choose your OnHub, and select “Device Name” to start editing.

Check your network

OnHub regularly performs a Network Check to evaluate the speed of the connection between your devices and the speed delivered by your Internet service provider. This helps you quickly identify anything that might be slowing down your Wi-Fi network.


Customize names for each device

When you’ve got a lot of devices simultaneously connected to your network, it can be tough to keep track of them all. That’s why OnHub lets you create a custom name for every device, making it easier to prioritize which ones get the fastest Wi-Fi speed.

Stronger security

Network security is critical, and that’s why OnHub won’t activate unless it’s running trusted software that’s been verified by Google. That ensures your network and anyone who uses it stays safe.


Password sharing

OnHub makes it simple to change your password to something secure and easy to remember, allowing you to quickly connect a new device to your network. Plus you can text friends your password so they can join easily too.

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